Infrastructure and Economic Inclusion Task Force

The Infrastructure and Economic Inclusion Task Force is dedicated to advocating for equitable access to infrastructure contracts for underserved business owners and addressing exclusionary practices within the allocation of massive government infrastructure spending.

Mission Statement

Our mission at the Infrastructure and Economic Inclusion Task Force is to ensure equitable access to the substantial government spending directed towards rebuilding America’s infrastructure, currently estimated at over a trillion dollars. Recognizing that minority-owned businesses have, to date, not been given prime contractor roles in this historical allocation of resources, we are dedicated to advocating for a fair, inclusive, and transparent awarding of contracts.

Our commitment is to champion the rights of underserved business owners, ensuring they are not unjustly excluded from participating in these lucrative opportunities. We aim to educate lawmakers and officials about the current processes that unfairly exclude disadvantaged business owners and work toward systemic change. 

Through our efforts, we strive to ensure the monumental rebuilding of America’s infrastructure serves not only as a testament to national development but also as an engine of economic inclusion and empowerment for all businesses, irrespective of their size or the community they represent.


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