American Innovation and Opportunity Fund (AIOF) Dream Creators Workforce Development Program

For more than five years, AIOF has conducted many regional educational events to educate communities on the opportunities in today’s workforce.  AIOF has discovered a considerable disconnect between disadvantaged individuals and potential employers.  Not only in the lack of awareness of opportunities but also in the lack of belief that they can successfully access these opportunities.  Further, employers desire to but are having difficulty connecting with these large pools of potential employees.

This inability to dream or envision a better life is devastating.  In AIOF’s experience, gifted students have many opportunities and programs aimed at helping them get to the next level.  If they are a troubled student, there are many remedial programs aimed at assisting them to overcome some of their problems.  If, however, they are an average student with a C- to B- average, there is practically no guidance or assistance for them.  These individuals are likely forgotten and left to their own devices.  

With over ten million unfilled jobs in the US (article), better outreach and encouragement initiatives must be designed and implemented.  Unfortunately, the parents or families of these students generally do not have the knowledge base or experience to be helpful.  Also, school administrators rarely have enough resources to do anything but help these students graduate and make way for next year’s incoming class.

A Solution

AIOF Dream Creators Workforce Development Program

The Dream Creators Workforce Development Program aims to connect with these young people, even those who have graduated, and engage them in a life-affirming process of envisioning a better future.  Then the goal is to give them the knowledge, skills, and guidance to achieve that vision.

Additionally, AIOF has learned from one employer that many people often fail interviews because they are often viewed as non-communicative due to cultural communication gaps.  Teaching them to interact is equally as important as any other skills AIOF seeks to hone.  But these skills take time to develop, and AIOF designed a systematic approach that runs for months, not days or weeks. 

Through workforce development programs such as Dream Creators, AIOF offers periodic seminars on job opportunities, skills assessment and improvements, and life skills such as financial literacy and fundamental problem-solving.  Without the proper infrastructure, young people don’t necessarily know what to do when faced with problems or challenges even after employment  


To date, AIOF has recruited, prepared for training, and secured employment for over 25 individuals who now are earning between $50,000 and $100,000 in career positions.  These Dream Creator graduates are now buying homes, helping to support their families, and helping recruit new AIOF Workforce Development Program applicants in the communities where they live.  AIOF believes that with the right resources and public-private partnerships, many more disadvantaged individuals can work for a better future and achieve financial stability.

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