Financial Services Innovation Coalition

Designing policy to help ALL communities participate in the modern economy through research, programming, and advocacy.

The Financial Services Innovation Coalition (FSIC) is an Economic Empowerment platform conducting research, instituting local and national programs & advocating at all levels of government for a more inclusive economy.

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FSIC researches issues related to economic empowerment in underserved communities and develops policy solutions based on this research.

FSIC actively pursues initiatives in economic empowerment, diversity and inclusion, health equity, and criminal justice reform, while implementing programs such as the AIOF Dream Creators Workforce Development Program and the Minority Impact Small Business Empowerment Funding Program, alongside task forces focusing on antitrust, AI and technology inclusion, childhood education and daycare policy, infrastructure, housing, technology inclusion, minority media inclusion, and debt settlement.

FSIC forms coalitions to advocate for legislation at the federal, state, and local levels, with the aim of reducing barriers and improving access to financial services.

FSIC is dedicated to advocating for social justice and civil rights through policy initiatives that promote economic empowerment, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and address systemic inequalities in underserved communities.

FSIC members believe empowering underserved communities will dramatically improve the U.S. Economy and benefit ALL Americans.

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Strategic Focus

The U.S. Economy will flourish only when all communities can participate in high-wage careers and wealth-building activities.  FSIC continues to develop its economic empowerment platform where research, programs, and advocacy can build bridges for underserved communities to access existing resources and opportunities.




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