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FSIC Video Podcast – Dr. Kortney Ziegler – WellMoney Financial Support Program February 17, 2022
FSIC’s Brady J. Buckner (President, FSIC) interviews Dr. Kortney Ziegler who is the 2021 CCSRE Race & Technology Practitioner Fellow at Stanford University and an expert on financial technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain. Dr. Ziegler started WellMoney, a money sharing community program where participants can receive cash money through the WellMoney App for financial emergencies.


January 27, 2022 Brady J. Buckner (President, FSIC) and Kevin B. Kimble, Esq. (Founder and CEO, FSIC) Interview Dr. Daniel Shoag – Regional Housing Policy Discussion
Dr. Shoag discusses issues affecting regional housing markets and policy changes that could be made to make homeownership more accessible to individuals in disadvantaged communities.
This is an FSIC Housing Task Force Project



January 11, 2022 – FSIC’s Brady J. Buckner (President, FSIC) interviews Elizabeth M. Adams of the Institute for Human-Centered AI and Doctoral Student at Pepperdine University. Elizabeth reviews her presentation on Leadership of Responsible AI. They discuss Facial Recognition and why oversight and accountability are essential in implementing and utilizing this technology.


2021-12-16 FSIC’s Brady J. Buckner (President, FSIC) and Kevin B. Kimble, Esq. (Founder and CEO, FSIC) interview Dr. Daniel Shoag of the WeatherHead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.  They discuss how how data and studies are showing to some degree how online and nonbank mortgage lenders are helping minority borrowers/homebuyers.


2021-12-11 Brady J. Buckner (President, FSIC) interviews Dream Creators Workforce Development Program graduate Shanessa Alston. They discuss Shanessa’s experience in the program and on the job as an Electrical Lineworker.


2021-02-15 Meet Tax March, an organization with solutions to create a more equitable tax system in the US.  In this FSIC News Quickpod Maura Quint (Executive Director, Tax March) and FSIC President Brady Buckner discuss how Tax March is working for all Americans to advocate for a more equitable tax system.  This News Quickpod is not very quick but it is worth the extra time it takes to listen!


2021-02-02 How Artificial Intelligence contributed to the Gamestop and Robinhood Trading Scandal

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